Google, the first portal site of the city of Jamnagar have been the result of young people committed for the all-round development of the city. 

The site is rich in information about Jamnagar city and is hoisted on the best servers available in the Industry with almost zero shut down time. contain the titles facts and figures which reveals important information on the city and distance chart reveals geographical distance of place in Jamnagar city and distance of Jamnagar from the various important cities of India. This helps in planning the tour or excursion to the local residents and to the guest or aliens to Jamnagar. List of Hotel and Restaurants and details of banks are at one click in site. 

If a person is new to the Jamnagar, one can visit the link sightseeing, where good stuff including details of the sight to be seen is placed. Local residents of Jamnagar may also find some astonishing places and history about it in this location. One of the very astonishing information on the portal is Search Engine links. Our masterminds have put in a great effort to benefit the visitors by putting relevant search engines of different countries, so that comprehensive pin pointing information can be available at a click. You have list of schools and colleges so that you need not require to ask about educations anywhere else. 

The site also have important links related to important cybercafes list of important useful website to visit, important phone numbers etc. We are on work for you to put more relevant and important stuff and for that, we welcome your feedback on site whenever you visit.

Amongst the most important is discussion board, one can put a message for the like minded people and can get good people to discuss with. You can post your message on your own and interested people may come to you through the site. Experience the thrill of writing on the web and get response. The first portal site of the city have been interesting place to visit and rewarding place to advertise. One can be proud of to be in the city’s first portal at very reasonable rates. Rates are economic to the extent that even if you have your own site, your place in the would be cheaper. The objective of the developers is socio-economic and not minting money from ads. is on work to put details of professions on the site wherein, specialization discipline in which they are practicing would be put in addition to name address, educational qualification, phone no.s at a price of just Rs. 100/- for one year. In the site, you can put full web page for one year irrespective of the contents at just Rs. 1000/-. In the like way for the service providers like real estate brokers, house hold maintenance people, taxi providers, tution providers and others have also equal opportunity for just Rs. 100/- to be on the site. 

We also welcome free hoisting for information in the interest of humanity at large after scrutiny and suitability test by the team. Human rights, pollution control, Yoga, Meditation Dhun Bhajans sankirtans are the prime area, which would be given free publicity. 

We Welcome your suggestions in the feedback and respect your comments on the site and would like you to be a member of this mission. We hope you would like to bookmark this site and would continue to visit us frequently as we intend to come before you with new ideas and services. Have a nice time at this noble location. 

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